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About Intelligent Muscle

Famous for the clashing of bodybuilding, powerlifting, and personal development, Intelligent Muscle was created to turn you into extraordinary.

We’re not afraid of the mind shifts required to build muscle, get stronger, and become successful in everything we do.
We like to grasp it, dissect it, learn it, apply it, test it, and live it.

Then show you how.









How we roll.

We don’t believe in defeat. You shouldn’t either.

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The abundance and fulfillment of others is our mission. We are your enthusiastic partners in success and help you see things you’ve never seen before within yourself. Intelligent Muscle is more than just building muscle. We are about the big picture, helping to shape thousands into becoming bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter. Simply put, our mission is to help people grow stronger on many levels (not just looking good) that are far more mature and in line with reaching all of your goals and attaining success in every part of your life.

Intelligent Muscle will turn
you into extraordinary.

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Intelligent Muscle creates incredible lives for
many people through empowerment of mind
and body, both inside and outside the gym.

Build Muscle.
Gain Power.
Get Results.

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The Mind Behind Intelligent Muscle

Ahmad Hakimi
CEO / Founder

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Ahmad Hakimi, creator of Intelligent Muscle is a bodybuilder, powerlifter and thought leader who gives you a powerful philosophy and code to live by.
He is committed to helping you become phenomenal and triggering new insight for you by helping you see things you’ve never seen before.
Intelligent Muscle provides the blueprints to becoming extraordinary and opening up a whole new world for you, while teaching you how to build muscle, gain power, and live the high life in a unique and powerfully effective way.

Hardwired for success.

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Our Products

We guarantee all our products go beyond might
and muscle.
Embedded within are the blueprints to building
powerful men and women.

“If you take good care of it, your body can take you
wherever you want to go, with the power and
strength and energy and vitality you will need to get
there.” — Jim Rohn

Backed by the power of psychology, research, and
experience, we deliver top of the line solutions to help you
build muscle, get stronger, and become a beast,
both inside and outside the gym.

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Why Do We Do it?

You were built to be extraordinary. The only limits you have are the ones you set for yourself. It may have been a while since you’ve believed in yourself or realized your potential. If you’re in a state of being out-of-shape, sluggish, depressed or lazy, this hijacks your confidence and paralyzes you in every sector of your life.
Even worse, living in times of information overload on building muscle, getting stronger, and fitness, you may feel paralyzed and throw your hands up in frustration and confusion, causing you to give up before even starting.
The army of excellence first forms within your mind, before marching outward. If you don’t have properly trained and capable soldiers with a commander in place to point them in the right direction, you lose the battle.
Intelligent Muscle is your commander-in-chief toward your path to an ultimate physique and a mind of steel. You need to get your head right and we’ll show you how. We don’t believe in living mediocre, average lives. We will teach you how to have a powerful physique that commands instant attention and respect, giving you full control.

Hardwired for success.

“Intelligent Muscle teaches you to have control. Have control over your thoughts, have control over your feelings, and have control over your emotions. Have full control over all your workouts, have control over your diet, and have control over your success. We’re your enthusiastic partners in success, but the journey is YOURS and you need to have control.”

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